Website Builder Tutorials: How to add YouTube clips to your Website

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Video Tutorials

Another great but simple video tutorial this week.

Remember when online video was slow and stuttery, full of buffering and such like? Youtube changed all that. Now online video is mostly seemless and smooth.

And the great thing about online video is that it keeps people on your website. It engages visitors, it inspires them, and it makes them more likely to stick around.

Thankfully the WebEden Website Builder is fully integrated with Youtube – you can place any youtube clip on your WebEden website. Watch the tutorial to find out how.

Have you got a good example of video on your website? Leave us a comment below.

  • Alison Cross

    Ken – just for information purposes, I just visited a site (not a webeden one!) that used hulu as their video player and hulu don’t service outside of the US – so that’s maybe something worth bearing in mind when working out which video providing service : Make sure that it can be accessed by your target audience ;-)

    Ali x

  • Billjam

    Not everybody wants to learn via video!! Why not proper articles for me to print off so I can learn at my leisure??? I cannot keep up with your fancy video’s!